1. What is Unitarian Universalism (UU)? Who are Unitarian Universalists?
Unitarian Universalism is a welcoming religion guided by a “free and responsible search for truth and meaning.”  Rather than asserting a central dogma or creed, Unitarian Universalism supports a collective search for spiritual growth, guided by a “living tradition.” The living traditions are summarized by the Seven Principles of Unitarian Universalism and the Six Sources.  With that framework, the beliefs of Unitarian Universalists comprise a wide range of ideologies and philosophies. Some include, but are not limited to: humanism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Taoism, and more. We are united by our commitment to following a set of principles but come with different beliefs. 

2. Is UU a new religion? Why is this the first time I have heard of it?!
Unitarian Universalism has a rich history stemming from the union of the Universalist Church of America and the American Unitarian Association. UUs don’t proselytize so you have to search for information, it’s not as widely known as more common denominations.

3. I consider myself a Christian, would I fit into a UU congregation?
Absolutely! Although we do not revolve around a central creed, many UUs do recognize Jesus as an exemplar, one who has shown the way of redemptive love and whose spirit anyone may live generously and abundantly through.

4. I consider myself an Atheist, would I fit into a UU congregation?
Absolutely! We pride ourselves in being a spiritual not religious community without any prescribed attachment to the idea of a God. 

5. I am part of a mixed religion partnership, would I fit into a UU congregation?
Absolutely! Many members come from mixed religion/mixed background families and have found it to be a perfect home for their mixed families. There is no requirement for members of the same household to hold the same beliefs and all families are welcomed with open arms.